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The new Bob CAD-CAM Lathe system gives you the power to quickly create efficient toolpaths for all of your roughing, finishing, threading, and grooving operations.

Router CAD-CAM delivers efficient toolpath strategies to handle everything from simple 2.5 axis cutting to complex 4 & 5 axis machining.

Numerous societal problems - including social customs that disadvantage women and soaring rates of poverty, domestic violence and governmental corruption - propagate sex trafficking in Albania, suggests a new study by Venera Bekteshi, a professor in the School of Social Work. Patriarchal societal customs that disenfranchise women, along with high rates of poverty, domestic violence and governmental corruption have made Albania a pivotal location for the trafficking industry.

- Despite a number of measures undertaken by the government in Albania to curb sex trafficking, rigorous comprehensive legal and social reforms are needed to address the practices that perpetuate it, a new study led by a University of Illinois researcher indicates.

Over the past decade, the Albanian government undertook a number of local and international initiatives to address human trafficking and improve the welfare of women, adopting policies addressing issues of gender equality, discrimination, domestic violence and governmental corruption.The law has been revised numerous times since being adopted, most recently in 2010, to bring it up to Western standards and international conventions.The new policy is credited with facilitating investigations into 51 sex trafficking offenders that were referred for prosecution.You get full 2D & 3D solid modeling capabilities plus 2.5 and 3 axis toolpaths, advanced simulation tools, and the ability to generate NC/g-code.Our 4 & 5 Axis packages deliver cutting edge CNC programming power, capable of handling your most demanding jobs.

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With it, you can program your C, Y, & B axis cutting movements on anything from single-turret/single-spindle setups to multi-turret/multi-spindle configurations.

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