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Hundreds of tonnes of plastic are cluttering the once pristine Arctic Ocean and doing great damage to the planet, a new report has found.On top of the danger of fish and other wildlife swallowing the plastic, the material contains toxic chemicals that leak into the ocean.After the amazing breakfast croissant and some cappuccino, we headed up the Tioga Road, and picked up our permits at the Tuolomne Wilderness Office.After securing our permits, we stashed our food for the Tuolomne-Devil's Postpile segment in a food locker at the wilderness office, saying a prayer that God would put a big angel on top to guard it from man and beast. After Christy left, we walked down to the JMT trailhead, about 25 minutes each way. (Composting toilet is just 1/4 mile up the trail) From there we went on to Little Yosemite Valley.

Oddly enough, we didn't turn around at the end of the street. We arrived in Lee Vining around 10am, and did the mandatory stop at Whoa Nellie Deli, the gourmet restaurant inside the Chevron gas station at the intersection of the Tioga Road and Highway 395.We woke up at , ate some sweet rolls and drank half of our protein drink. There were about 30 people who passed us very early, day-hiking to Half Dome. By this time it was pretty warm so we were glad to see the signs.The cabin didn't have a bathroom, so we had to go outside to the communal bathroom. About a half mile later we came to a stream which crossed the trail.These toxins can attract other chemicals in the water to create concentrated hot spots of deadly waste.Scroll down for video Hundreds of tonnes of plastic are cluttering the Arctic Ocean and doing great damage to the planet, a new report has found.

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