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And if the director is the only one ...…Finally, the Pauls get around to watching Handmaid's Tale.In honor of the event, they invite a special guest live into the recording studio. More importantly, will they watch the full season of Handmaid's Tale before or after they watch the first season of American Gods?

Incentive motivation theory exists under this framework.

If marriage had been the condition, the slave-girl also would have been included among the wives, and there was no need to mention them separately.stipulates that if a purchased female slave has too large breasts, or too loose or wide vagina, the purchaser has the right to return her for a refund—obviously because, the owner cannot get maximum pleasure from sex with such a woman, as she is intended for.

Similarly, the purchaser can return a slave on the basis of whether she is a virgin.

But before they get to Ozark, Paul took his n ...…Paul comments on the comments of Paul and special guest, Maarten Jacobs, as the latter two watch HBO's modern classic political satire, Veep.

It's like a director's commentary on a movie, only if the director wasn't there for the initial filming of the movie, and instead of a movie, it's a podcast about Veep.

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