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Pinky says I tried, she said she will meet Anika and go. Anika says Pinky’s room is that way, did you come to meet Pinky.

Or do you find a girl you see occasionally completely, irresistibly sexy? Naintara says fine, I won’t go if you say, I will stay here. He says that’s not possible, Anika is not ready for this, I will send Naintara. Naintara says no, I came to meet my daughter, but she is not at home. Seducing a girl and the things you need to know Firstly, if you want to seduce a girl or even make her like you, you need to be a great guy who can get the girl’s attention.If you can’t be the kind of guy who can impress a girl easily, you may still be able to seduce the girl you like, but it’ll be a lot harder to win her flirty attention.

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Some time before, Naintara sees the antiques and smiles. She says when time comes, I will take for sure, I came to meet my daughter, where is she. She says I would have kept Anika with me always, if I knew she will become such a big house’s bahu. Naintara says it means we are Samdhan, and hugs Pinky.

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