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There is so much tension around doing something like that, that maybe you’re not quite thinking rationally.

Comedian Simon Amstell, who performed a 10-minute set at the event, joked: “It would have been nice if they had dropped him just a little bit.” Law said: “I’m just here to enjoy the show. Make sure you take a glance at the rules so we can keep this wonderful thread going. This is a supportive and safe thread (unless ur dumb then get out okay). No straight up naked pictures of men, unless clearly marked and hidden. This can be hard at times, but keep the serious flaming and hating to an absolute minimum.Resources It Gets Better The Trevor Project Want to get to know your fellow Gay GAFfers? One thing: I am going to ask that only LGB GAFfers add me.As much as I like the straight ones, the Skype chat's an even safer space for people to chat, and talk about things they might not be able to here.

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  1. “We show our love language in two very different ways, so the way we were trying to communicate with each other was often misconstrued because we don’t speak the same language.” Frankly, we have no idea what the hell any of that means (and the part about Magro being "physically aggressive" is a little disturbing), but it sounds like Ronnie and Malika simply drifted apart.