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Quan wants a good girl but only deals with the opposite expecting them to be different.It’s great to say you’re tired of dealing with the types but it’s harder in practice for him and I’d wager it’s tough for a lot of dudes.Several reasons could be cited as the cause and the reason why this trend is becoming increasingly common.One of them is the fact that a woman’s tender and smooth working fingers are like a necessity when it comes to being a locksmith.

Ajani understands this, as does Anthony, and the three discuss the difference between an ideal woman and an ideal relationship.It’s an ode to black women and with tearing up the box office at the moment, it’s aptly timed.Rather than completely dive into what works or what doesn’t work about the episode, it seems more appropriate to dig into the structure and main conversation between the three male leads as that takes up a good chunk of the episode. We say we do, but actions speak louder than words and our moves or lack thereof can be thundering.Pam Grier’s Foxy Brown may be an awesome fantasy, but can you imagine being an in actual relationship with her?Of course not, a fact Ajani mentions and all three men agree on.

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