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There are a few other sites you might have decent success on (i.e.: Zoosk, etc.), but you’ll be fighting an uphill battle.

We found that women on the other sites were often inactive (created a profile, never logged back in) or fake.

Rumor has it that his (allegedly fake) surname alludes to more than just the way his quill quavered quickly on his page.

Alas, the lyric lothario would slap men in the face (backwards, no less) if he heard the vomit inducing ways in which cliched lines like “I am the east, and you are the sun” are used by overeager dorks.

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We tend to think that life in Elizabethan times was all prim and proper, but don’t let the convoluted language fool thee.Croesus' wealth remained proverbial beyond classical antiquity: in English, expressions such as "rich as Croesus" or "richer than Croesus" are used to indicate great wealth to this day.The earliest known such usage in English was John Gower's in Confessio amantis (1390): Croesus, secure in his own wealth and happiness, asked Solon who the happiest man in the world was, and was disappointed by Solon's response that three had been happier than Croesus: Tellus, who died fighting for his country, and the brothers Kleobis and Biton who died peacefully in their sleep after their mother prayed for their perfect happiness because they had demonstrated filial piety by drawing her to a festival in an oxcart themselves.Still, there are little things his text messages, body language and mannerisms can reveal about his true feelings.Read, learn, apply—and failing all that, consider sending him that note.

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