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Paste your text into the big box, enter your name, click 'Paste! Hello, I'm a Demo player of Minecraft at the moment.

And a error happens when I try to launch the game/demo.

My problem is that whenever I log in to Minecraft, it says "Sorry, but we couldn't connect to our servers.

Please make sure you are online and that Minecraft is not blocked.

I contineously get stuck with an error 126, even after updating Java, my Open GL and altering certain files with an extension. ", then share with us the link (the URL) that it takes you to.

My computer has Windows 7, Home Premium 64-bit Sp 1, Intel core i3-2310M CPU @2.10GHz, 4 GB RAM, Mobil Intel HD Graphics. Thanks in advance, lkhgfdsxcfyu: First, copy all of the text (right click on any empty space, press "Copy All Text"). lkhgfdsxcfyu: Ubuntu Paste is a service run at facilitates the sharing of information without flooding IRC channels.

These Austronesians engaged in trading with other Austronesians, particularly in the neighbouring nations of Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei.

Let you access the following URLs (address), and Membership Registration complete." [] Latest links (WARNING: May contain NSFW links): UQAE6ci J.jpg:large Derp/status/542401476295794689 [] thx Kowa.. i might join the grind if i manage to gather some energy...

Read this fascinating story for keen insights into digital transformation.

The Philippines was first settled by Negritos; today, although few in numbers, they preserve a very traditional way of life and culture.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) [] I used to remember awhile back when I was hanging around the cyber cafe some gamer got real pissed because he was pwned twice.

He basically yelled out to the room that he wants to turn it into a real fight with whoever pissed him off.

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