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So, my boyfriend tried to commit suicide long before we got together.

It scares me because I like being friends with very happy people and he is usually happy but I feel like I don't know him anymore. It is totally understandable that your boyfriend’s history of suicidal thoughts and actions has you feeling concerned.

Dan Savage is a sports writer and the assistant director of digital content for Orlando, and he will be answering your questions this week.

Dan has covered six NBA finals and 10 NBA All-Star Games; he's appeared on CBS, ESPN, NBA TV, and ; and his writing has been published at,,, and Orlando

Basically, I told her that I fantasize about her daily and would like to have sex more often. Two weeks ago, I came on to her and tried to initiate, but we had a dinner party to go to and she didn't want to be late.

One week ago, I was flirting with her but was rebuffed because we were going out to dinner and... On the basketball court, one of the first things young players are taught is to communicate effectively with their teammates.

Most people realize that suicide is a serious mistake and solves nothing.

Phillips began writing her world-famous Dear Abby column in 1956 and wrote until her retirement in 2002, handing her pen name off to her daughter Jeanne Phillips.K has told me he doesn't want to be solely responsible for my sexual satisfaction and my need for constant reassurances that he cares.The anxiety has been flaring up most strongly concerning sex—we're all switches, and K and L are both professional Dominants. I’ve been introduced to three boys as potential marriage prospects (rishtas).I am not attracted to two of them and find it hard to imagine having sex with either of them.

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His history might make you feel as though you can’t completely trust him or how he might react to tough times.

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