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The burmite-bearing rock is sedimentary and consists mainly of rounded lithic clasts (0.03 ∼ 0.15 mm in diameter), with minor fragments of quartz and feldspar. Zircons separated from the amber matrix form two groups: Group-I zircons are overgrown and have variable CL patterns, experienced slight geological disturbances after they formed, and their Ion microprobe U ages fall into a very narrow range of ∼102 Ma–∼108 Ma; Group-II zircons are typical magmatic ones with rhythmically flat zones, inferred to be derived from volcanic rock clasts, and yielded a concordia U age of 98.79 ± 0.62 Ma.

The dating on Group-I zircons is only for their interiors, thus hiding what age excursion might come from the overgrowth.

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Considering the nearshore marine environment and 1-m thickness of the burmite-bearing sediments, and the syn- and post-eruption deposition of volcanic clasts, the age of 98.79 ± 0.62 Ma therefore can be used as a maximum limit for the burmite (either at or after), establishing an earliest Cenomanian age for the fossilized inclusions.

The age also indicates that volcanic eruption occurred at 98.79 ± 0.62 Ma in the vicinity of the Hukawng Valley.

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