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" Its like she wants him to still care about her like she is his girlfriend.My problem with all of this is yes I know he has strings attached being that they have kids but when will she just get a life and leave us alone? I have been with my boyfriend for about a year now.He has 2 kids and an ex wife whom he was married to for less than a year but he was with her for 7 years.He has his kids fulltime now because she cant even make an effort to come see them on the weekends.

“I was lazy and she straightened me out.”" data-reactid="28"“I spent money on stupid things.There's no reason for you to put yourself in a situation where you'll see this new couple together, but you also shouldn't go out of your way to prevent yourself from seeing them. It's very possible that your ex is using this girl as a rebound to get over you - but it's also very possible that he actually really cares about her.Don't skip parties or stuff like that because you'll think they'll be there - stopping your own life and preventing yourself from having fun isn't going to help you get over him. Source: Shutter Stock Unless your ex explained to you why he's dating this new girl (which, doubtful), you probably don't know the exact reason that he's jumped into another relationship so quickly. You could sit there all day and wonder if he was cheating or if this is just a rebound or if he really loves this girl... But you don't know, so just stop thinking about it. Find whatever it is that works for you and just distract yourself until the pain goes away for real. Source: Shutter Stock Another great way to distract yourself is to hang with your friends.She is constantly **** up her own life and then we always have to hear about it? And then my boyfriend feels sorry for her because she got kicked out of her house...But it is her own fault because she quit her jobs to do who knows what...

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