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It Rock Overdose Broken Tomb Magazine Sturmglanz Metal Rules. The Submissive Myth Genesis of Mirror Waters Rising Namrood seems to have left behind a lineage exemplified by the erratic and senseless journey of Humbaba's continuing theatrical rants. Youm Tusaar Nar Aljaheem From The Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, come forth Al-Namrood (the non-believers) With rageful Arabic vocals and depressive atmosphere. Pl Metal Imperium Crossfire Metal Paranoid Zine RUM Zine Stormbringer Merchants of Air Valkyries Webzine 8/10Bravewords 7/10Atanatoes Bandjack Metal Temple 7/10Rock Vector 7.5/10Devilution Echoes and Dust The Pit 7.5/10Iyezine Those Once Loyal Core and Co Metalhead. And this is just a prelude of what is to come...**Vinyl 7", limited to only 300 copies"*first 50 come with patch*Telling the tale of the tribal men who embarked on their unfateful journeys succumbing to the unrelenting desert storms, swindlers and piracy. Ajal Babel Reviews: Metal1Lords of Metal 7.8/10Stormbringer Metal. The Scandinavians lay claim to all things "kvlt" and "extreme" in the world of black metal, but do any of the members of these bands risk government-sanctioned execution merely for their lyrical content? Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, is a different culture entirely, and Al-Namrood risk their very safety to spread their message against the influence religion has on their society.Al-Namrood (a reference to the Babylonian king Nimrod) is a three-piece blackened Arabian folk metal outfit where the members operate clandestinely and rail against the Islamic sharia that controls their nation — control that extends from education to marriage to free speech. The temple also serves as the Japanese headquarters of the Kegon school of Buddhism.The temple is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site as one of the "Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara", together with seven other sites including temples, shrines and places in the city of Nara.According to legend, the monk Gyoki went to Ise Grand Shrine to reconcile Shinto with Buddhism, spending seven days and nights reciting sutras until the oracle declared Vairocana Buddha compatible with worship of the sun goddess Amaterasu.for the six Buddhist schools in Japan at the time: the Hossō, Kegon, Jōjitsu, Sanron, Ritsu and Kusha.

**CD-only, 500 pressing**Voices From The Darkside Metal Soundscapes BDP Metal Sicmaggot Ninecircles Metal. Irkalla: To Enter The Great Above and The Depths Below7.Vocalist Mephisto eschews the high-pitched screams for a hybrid death metal/spoken word delivery.The song speeds up towards the back half for a bit before returning to its original tempo.While it’s easy to get caught up in the sheer balls of the band members, how does the music sound?After the haunting instrumental opener, , begins with a distinctly Arabian folk intro before launching into a mid-tempo stomp.

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