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i want to improve my Italian language skills and in return i can help you with your English & Arabic .

I would like to learn Japanese and meet language partners in here. I am fluent in English as well but there is some skills that i am looking forward to develop like speaking and listening so i would prefer if we have a conversation sessions on Skype or face to face :) Feel free to add me or to drop a message.

To handle those Arabic letters that do not have an approximate phonetic equivalent in the Latin script, numerals and other characters were appropriated.

For example, the numeral "3" is used to represent the Arabic letter ⟨), note the usage of the mirroring technique to create a visual similarity between the Arabic letter and its numeral substitution.

Because of its widespread use, such as in many public advertisements by large multinationals, large players in the online industry like Google and Microsoft have introduced tools that convert text written in Arabish to Arabic. The Arabic chat alphabet (ACA) is never used in formal settings and is rarely, if ever, used for long communications.

During the last decades of the 20th century, Western text communication technologies became increasingly prevalent in the Arab world, such as mobile phone text messaging, the internet World Wide Web, email, bulletin board systems, IRC, instant messaging.

is an alphabet used to communicate in Arabic over the Internet or for sending messages via cellular phones.

It is a character encoding of Arabic to the Latin script and the Arabic numerals.

Language exchange learning is also inexpensive because we provide free tips and conversation lesson plans that allow you to do a language exchange on your own.

سوف أكون سعيد اذا استطعت ان اجد شخص لديه رغبة بتعلم العربية ويساعدني في اللغة الانجليزيةHello everyone :) I'm here for language exchange, my mother Language is Arabic, I can help in learning French and English as well. ^_^i am an Arabic native speaker from Jordan so i speak the middle eastern Arabic obviously and i am aware of many other dialects including Basic Arabic "Fusha", i would like to have a language partner to exchange Arabic for English.

أنا أتكلم العربية الفصحى بشكل جيد وايضاً اللهجة الفلسطينية..

No web user wants a jarring, delayed discussion when looking for live support.

By removing possible language barriers, you enable fluid communication.

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