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If you answered yes to most of the above, then congratulations! We allow for multiple spotlights if your comic has undergone big changes since your initial spotlight.

Things such as implementing a new art style, switching from black and white to color, or introducing a drastic change to the storyline are examples of adequate changes.

Members can update their status, comment, send public or private messages, participate in art contests, and chat live in hundreds of different-- unmoderated -- chat rooms.

" /Kids can learn advanced art skills using tutorials and develop identity by continuing to post work and get feedback.

I already had a reputation on Deviant Art as an artist and a writer.

Since joining the community in 2004, I built a community of fans around my gallery, all people who were genuinely attracted by my work and whom I built friendships with.

Bleed and Breed Art.™Features:· Watch – a personalized and easy to access feed of every journal, collection, or status update posted by those you watch.· Notifications – the communication center of the app, where you can manage all comments, mentions, and replies.· Notes – chat privately with your friends and favorite artists.· Submit – submit art and literature to Deviant Art or compose a quick status update.· Undiscovered, Daily Deviations, and Explore – liberate and inspire yourself with browse modes comprised of extraordinary images drawn from an art collection powered by 37 million artists.· Status Updates – post short updates in a simple and direct format that lets you create informal conversations with your watchers.

Most creators don’t mind if you use their fan art on your site.

Have you ever given Deviant ART a chance as your content promotion channel?

I added Deviant ART to my list of unusual yet effective platforms for bloggers here at WHSR and quite a lot of readers told me they had never even considered Deviant ART to promote their blog posts.

It would be easy to avoid this stress if there was a delete or 'hide' button right in the post making it possible to delete the post of your page or simply hide it from public eye.

Another thing that would improve this app is if there were an edit button right on the post just incase there was a need for updating the description or there some errors in a piece of text that needed to be fixed.

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The blog itself is a website to host my stories and artwork.

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