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You'll be able to follow with ease as the teacher writes the new vocabulary, expressions, grammar points and corrections on the Skype chat board.

Gain real confidence in speaking while learning at your own pace, and learn the French that you need and use it immediately! The lessons are structured according to your level and your teacher will work with you on improving your GENERAL French speaking abilities, verbal comprehension and writing skills.

Every time she speaks at a conference, the humanitarian-worker-turned-entrepreneur Aline Sara asks her audience to close their eyes and think of the word “refugee.” What comes to mind for almost everybody, she tells Through her startup, Na Takallam, Sara wants to shift that narrative and offer those same refugees–many of whom are, due to their circumstances, unable to work–a way to earn a living and connect with people around the globe.

The Alliance School offers courses in French on all levels taught by highly qualified instructors who are native or near-native speakers.

Course Descriptions The Alliance School offers two types of courses, both conducted in French.

Conversational French language classes introduce students to grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation while emphasizing communication.

Minimum enrollment is 5 students (although sometimes exceptions may be made for groups of 4); maximum enrollment is 10 students.

The textbooks used in each course are available for purchase in our office or may be found online.

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And for the refugees, Na Takallam offers a path toward the minimum wage or more–which is particularly significant for refugees in Lebanon, who are often not allowed to work.

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