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The Syriac and Greek sources usually refer to a “year of the Arabs.” We further know that in Late Antique literatures, one of the many synonyms for Arabs is “Hagarite” (along with Ishmaelite and Saracen, for example), and that in Syriac we find a derivation ).An Greek inscription of the Caliph Mu`awiyah from Hammat Gader, dated in Classical fashion, includes the year of the colony, the indiction years for taxation (indicating that there still was some association with Constantinople, imagined or real) and the year of the local Metropolitan.Earlier this year, the first print run of a four-volume Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization was pulped by its American academic publishers following an outcry that it was biased in favour of Christianity, evidenced by its use of BC and AD instead of BCE and CE.As the Telegraph’s Christopher Booker noted: “The trouble with this politically-correct effort to spare offence to Muslims, Jews, atheists or other non-Christians from the use of a dating system tied to Jesus, is that it prompts any child to ask ‘So what is this Common Era based on?(This is why it is necessary to have a table showing how to convert years, months and days from Yazdigird to the same from the Claudij Ptolemaei Pelusiensis Alexandrini Omnia quae extant opera, praeter Geographiam, quam non dissimili forma nuperrimè aedidimus / summa cura & diligentia castigata ab Erasmo Osualdo Schrekhenfuchsio, & ab eodem Isagoica [sic] in Almagestum praefatione, & fidelissimis in priores libros annotationibus illustrata, quemadmodum sequens pagina catalogo indicat, in officina Henrichi Petri, Basileae, mense Martio, 1551.The traditional account of Muhammad’s life tells us that in June of 622, upon getting wind of an assassination plot against him at Mecca, he escaped with some of his loyal followers and eventually made his way to Yathrib/Medina. Second, as the Koran is by all accounts the first book in Arabic, we lack internal comparative evidence for the meanings of key words.

(Let's not even discuss Year Zero, seeing as this jockeying for Year One position occurred before the concept of zero had even been invented.) If we wanted to allow for commerce, trade, and simple communication across cultures to develop, we needed to be living in the same year. The Byzantine Empire started its first year in what was considered the year of creation (our 5509 B. The Church of Alexandria began its Year One in what is now 284 A. And two, when most people see it, they think it stands for Christian Era and Before Christian Era, so it doesn't really solve the problem people wanted to solve.” As the world continued to “shrink” due to the establishment of trade routes and expansion of population and as once-insular communities started opening up and exploring, a single Year One would have inevitably dominated.

It's a three-part system allowing those in various locations and points of time to distinguish when an event occurred or will occur. Spoilers: The planet's been around longer than any of us—or any of our ancient relatives—can remember.

The first two parts—the month and date—have had a legion of originators, from Cro-Magnon astronomers marking phases of the moon on their eagle bones, to Mayan mystics tracking the movements of the stars from their forest canopies. Tests date the Earth to about 4.54 billion years old, but a whole lot of that time didn't really have anything of substance—to us humans, at least.

Indeed, Mu`awiyah’s inscriptions have no Islamic content whatsoever, posing additional serious questions about the traditional narrative.

Anno Domini (Latin: "In the year of (Our) Lord"), abbreviated as AD, defines an epoch based on the traditionally-reckoned year of the conception or birth of Jesus of Nazareth.

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