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OE: I was raised in Nigeria by my mother, a businesswoman.

I grew up an Ehrlich and I was always his child and Steven supported me his whole life and even though he wasn’t physically there, he was always there for me. Dn A: To what do you owe your creativity: the family genes?

There, together with a staff of around 14 designers and sewers, they will produce their “Luxe” line of handbags, as well as Joel’s products.

Dn A spoke to the couple and learned about the hidden treasures of Inglewood, melding influences, and the advantages of keeping design and manufacturing in the same place. You are the daughter of LA architect Steven Ehrlich, and Grace Okozala, who met in the mid-1970s when Steven was working as architect and teacher in Nigeria following a stint in the Peace Corps.

Not that we need help getting excited about the new season because the show is just THAT good.But they ran their design and manufacturing businesses in locations in Culver City and downtown.Now the business is coming under one roof with the launch this week of a design studio and factory on West Beach Avenue. This campus, located in Inglewood, CA (Los Angeles area), recently joined the Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology family, yet it has a long and renowned history of its own dating all the way back to 1930.Scroll down to see the history of the Los Angeles Campus.

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The Inglewood Public Library's photograph collection includes images of historical interest to the City of Inglewood and surrounding areas.

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