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Bush years and, for the first time really, it outranks both the Democratic and Republican labels by a country mile.

Here's what we wrote on this a couple months back, when a Gallup poll also showed a record number of independents (43 percent! A Washington Post-ABC News poll in July 2012 -- more than three months before that year's presidential election -- showed just 6 percent of Americans said there was a "good chance" they would change their mind about their candidate of choice.

): What we have here isn't so much a rise in political independence as much as a rise in the desire to be labeled "independent." Indeed, almost every indicator shows that the American people are actually becoming more polarized, more electorally predictable, and less swing-y -- i.e. That number was 10 percent in 2008 and 12 percent in 2004.

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The Pew Research Center is out with its new study of political party affiliation in America, and the big takeaway is this: There are more self-described independents than ever before.

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