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Anyone who’s visited the DMV or other such government-run institutions knows what may lie in store for them: long lines, crappy service and the feeling of being sucked into a bureaucratic vortex with no way out. Journal infime'): Film Review But as Philippe reveals in one disheartening sequence after another, these people are clearly not up to the task – though it’s also not entirely their fault.

That’s definitely the mood conveyed by the office in Livry-Gargan (a working-class suburb northeast of Paris), where dozens of overtired public agents deal with over 4,000 desperate jobseekers, trying to find them gainful employment and meet the performance-based initiatives laid out by the French state. Faced with archaic computer systems that constantly break down and a mound of paperwork that even their dedicated boss, Corinne, can hardly understand let alone sift through, they simply don’t have the means to do their jobs properly.

The country has a solid if complicated welfare system that can certainly help soften the blow of being made redundant or not being able to find work.

The main problem is that the red tape in France can wrap you up in knots and you may end up missing out on some benefits you are entitled to.

They are prevented from changing job[s] and cannot leave the place of their work., and Cristophe Carol, General Manager of CIDJ, said, "The acceptance and the use of Arel Spotlight was seamless and happened naturally; even untrained and unprepared participants could use it and go through the whole process of connecting and participating in interviews. 13, 2015) On September 30, 2015, Niger’s Minister of Labor, Employment, and Social Security, Salissou Ada, described the steps his country will take to implement an agreement between Niger and Saudi Arabia on recruitment of workers from Niger for jobs in Saudi Arabia.Focusing on an unemployment bureau located in one of the country’s worst neighborhoods, documentary filmmaker Nora Philippe reveals yet another sad reality about France’s fight against joblessness: those in charge of finding work for others seem to be no better off than their clients, faced with a Sisyphean undertaking marred by limited resources and a completely Kafkaesque office environment.It’s the best insight to be found in the otherwise pedestrian fly-on-the-wall expose ), a worthy undertaking that has caused lots of ink to be spilled since its mid-November local release, though it’s hard to see the film finding international recruitment outside of a few niche festivals.

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