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Civil War Infantry Cartridge Box, Spanish American War patriotic ladies and officer's belt plates-buckles, WWI & WWII Cartridge Belts, Civil War/Indian War Belt Buckles turned Brooches, Frazier's Cartridge Boxes, Mc Keever Cartridge Boxes, Civil War Knapsack Hooks and Carbine Snap Swivels, Indian War officer's Belts, Indian War Belt Plates, Cavalry Carbine Boot, Civil War period Eagle Buckle,...check out this section Believe this is HINSON marked as well, but can not make it out clearly.What can be seen on one end inside the belt is "27 H & S - 6 BP(? On the other end is where I think there is a Hinson stamp, but illegible except "AUG".Background General Thompson, son to an Army Lieutenant Colonel, took to heart the hard lessons being learned in "trench warfare" tactics of World War 1.

In peacetime nearly all of the Royal Army's active-duty battalions (and quite a few units of company or even platoon size) had one or more subunits on Short Leave at any given time.The "Combination Manual and Automatic Bolt Action" was a two piece gas piston (refer Fig.4 #24 & #25, below) that was selectable for semi-automatic fire or single shots, requiring manual operation of the slide to extract the empty casing and chamber a live round.To a degree the end result should no longer be viewed as a replica of the U. One adverse effect of this design change didn't become an issue until several years after Universal was no longer in business. Other parts can be obtained from various used parts dealers.These parts and their sources will be discussed throughout this text. and inventor Abe Seiderman, applied for a patent for a "Combination Manual and Automatic Bolt Action for Firearm".

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