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Volunteerism is the genuine devotion of time to a cause without receiving compensation, whereas community service is similar on some level, but differs in the sense that some “volunteers” participate because they are required to through an institution, like a school.Service-Learning as defined by the former US Commissioner of Education, Harold Howe II is, “…In the United States civic engagement has been a crucial component of society, whether it is through political activism or lending a helping hand to our fellow neighbors.In recent years, youth participation in volunteerism has fluctuated, resulting in a growing number of high schools requiring them to complete a certain number of hours of service in order to graduate.In both systems, the class of 2001 was to be the first to come under the new requirement.But before the 1999-2000 school year was over, one system (Jefferson) had revoked its policy under pressure from educators who viewed the service requirement as competing with academics.By Jean Marie Arnold Since the mid-1990s Community Service has become a graduation requirement in high schools across the nation.

In Nassau County the Roslyn and Hewlett-Woodmere districts recently approved service mandates.If a designated amount of hours is required to graduate, some groups across the country consider that work involuntary there for unconstitutional.These groups also believe that true volunteering lies in an individual’s will and drive to help others and enforcing it eliminates that drive.COMMUNITY service, performed without pay, is becoming increasingly familiar to high school students.Schools are encouraging students to include service as part of their school experience.

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