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Evan, I know you get a lot of really heavy questions, but I have a simple, light-hearted question for you. –Liz Liz, Since there are so many people (and women’s magazines) who think that dating coaching is all about the physical, I tend to shy away from topics like this. Some combination of Salma Hayek and Alessia Ambrosio. But you want a man who will be attracted to that and then see past it.

I recently added highlights to help blend in the gray. I have a great stylist and the cut is very flattering, but I wonder if longer hair would be more appealing to men. In my experience, men dream of something that isn’t even real – or is at least exceptionally rare – they want thin and curvy. Long story short, Liz: yes, long hair, thin waist, big boobs and a stylish and sexy wardrobe will certainly help garner more attention.

Kreamer's experiences are further outlined in her new book, Going Gray, in which she examines the effects of gray hair.

"We have been brainwashed to think hair dye looks good,” she told the other Gray Lady.

Hell, walk around the mall: how many people actually look like a thinner version of Kim Kardashian? In fact, it seems that millions of people are getting married to people who don’t look like models.

it’s just that it’s a piece of the puzzle, that’s all. It’s hard to say who’s to blame for cultivating this unrealistic taste – men, women, advertisers, editors – all I know is that we’re being sold an unhealthy fantasy that’s going to smack us really hard when reality sets in. He doesn’t worry about getting his nails done or his scrotum waxed. Because there are plenty of women who will appreciate a smart, considerate, relationship-oriented man, even if he doesn’t look like he did at 35.

In fact, most people arrive organically to the conclusions that I draw as a dating coach – that holding out for a commitment-oriented George Clooney is tantamount to choosing to be single forever. I believe that most of us understand that people do get “thicker” as we get older (at least I do! It takes a lot of work to avoid this fate and many people are just trying to figure out how to pay the mortgage and put food on the table. And from talking to my clients, I’ve learned it’s quite dispiriting when you go through the effort to run a triathlon, grow your hair out, hire a personal trainer, get a professional eye job and dye job…

So she experimented by setting up two online-dating profiles.

Everything was identical, except for the hair color: One profile Photoshopped Kreamer's hair brown, while the other left it naturally gray.

People do start to sag and shrink and lose height and musculature.

ot quite two summers ago, I shared rather uneventfully that I decided to grow out my gray hair.

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