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One night out, Diane and Olivier run into Edward, who's visiting Paris for a photography exhibition.

When I recorded Episode 28, Friends Are The Family We Choose, I spoke from the assumption that everybody has a bunch of friends. We can make a new friend in line at the grocery store, a ladies room at a concert, or on a committee at church or our kids school. Not so much for men, and it’s bad for their health, both physical and mental.

Convinced single men previous generations because it gives insight into your personality and times in the past, to communicate it to dating partner revealed they were expecting.

Not that I have made it in or that I am an expert at this- no.

Her bookstore is doing well after Diane renews her commitment to making it a success. Her feelings for Edward, however, are still pretty strong, and her time in Ireland and the people she met remain on her mind.

Felix, her best friend, is still a delightful character who can be counted on to keep things light.

She is also a mother, a feminist and a lover of good wine.

, because quite frankly the tale of Diane and Edward was so powerful I couldn't wait to find out what happens next.

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