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This mobile social network is easy, fast and conveniently very simple.Anybody can have fun here, without paying even a single penny. Hook up with them while enjoying complete mobility from your phone.Large dudes will frequently lament that their size automatically disqualifies them from dating – they believe that there is simply no way a woman could possibly like somebody who’s body isn’t rippled and shiny like a buttered ear of corn. Kevin Smith, for all of his fashion sins that I will get into in a second, is happily married with a lovely wife and daughter. It’s easy to forget this when the TV and magazines are showing you nothing but image after image of cut, veiny men with swimmers builds with women draped all over them like fur stoles, but women actually like a far wider range of body types than we’d think.Ask five women what their ideal male build is and you’ll get six different answers.

Take your average attractive actor or actress and stick on Nerd Glasses, a lab coat and some Messy Hair and clothes to make them Hollywood Homely.

May be involved in an Ugly Duckling Beautiful All Along story if they do get paired off with someone.

The Hollywood Nerd will have an interest in some 'geeky' subject such as comic books, science fiction, or baseball, helping identify them as a loser, especially if they still live in their parent's basement.

Hear the story of how she went on to hack her online dating life — with frustrating, funny and life-changing results.

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Well we met and to be honest it was love at first sight, I visited Sian and ended up booking a hotel and staying the week!

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