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Octopus Deploy utilizes X.509 certificates to allow for secure communication between the central Octopus server, and the remote agents running the Tentacle service. If other users on the machine (including service accounts) don't have access to that file (which they won't by default) they'll be able to load the certificate, but not the private key. When the certificate is loaded, the private key is also written to a path that looks like: System. However it can also happen just sometimes, randomly.Upon installation, both services generate a self-signed X509 certificate. Maybe there was a problem with the registry that prevented a profile directory being created.HTTP API can be configured to use TLS (HTTPS) as well.For an overview of common TLS troubleshooting techniques, see Troubleshooting TLS-related issues. This includes client connections and popular plugins, where applicable, such as Federation links.It is also possible to use TLS to encrypt inter-node connections in clusters.

The requirements used by browsers are documented at the CA/Browser Forums (see references below).I will update this Nu Get to use that when Web API ships the RTM Nu Gets through the official channel.This looks easy, however the most challenging part is configuring IIS and add the certificates into the right place.I’ve created a Nu Get package that will add the UPDATE: adding #aspnet #webapi to your tweets is like sending the bat signal to Henrik and Glenn from Microsoft. They pointed out that there is already support for Client Certs in a host-agnostic fashion but this is only available on the nightly builds for now.There will be a extension method that will get you that.

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Self-signed certs are not validated with any third party unless you import them to the browsers previously.

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