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An angry first-grader in China posted a nude photo of his father on the popular mobile messaging app We Chat earlier this month.The screenshot showed a profile photo of the child’s father standing stark naked.Men and women are allegedly contacted via Facebook and Whats App, supposedly by an attractive woman or man, who offers to send naked pictures in return for explicit pictures of the target.

Citing its potential to destabilize society, or in the case of pornography, damage mental health, censors have sought to exert greater control over the Internet and social media apps.

When the payment deadline passed, the lender threatened to send the nude photo to Li Li’s family.

According to the Chinese Criminal Law, a person who 'produces, duplicates, publishes, sells or disseminates pornographic materials' shall be sentences to fixed-term imprisonment of no more than three years.

Male users of chat rooms and similar platforms never seem to learn these online places are full of danger for sex-hungry men.

In August, the Bucheon Wonmi Police Station in Korea busted a syndicate operated by three Korean-Chinese men who tricked 96 Korean men into naked video chatting and swindled from them 500 million won or 2,000 through blackmail.

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The use of a naked photo as collateral is not forbidden by law, even if it does raise ethical questions.

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