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These cells are the triggers for psoriasis and other autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Hi Judith, we came across your blog The Wee Blondie and we love what you are doing with articles such as #My Skin Is Beautiful, promoting body confidence for people with skin conditions. You’ve had negative comments in the past, both online and in person because of your psoriasis. Do you have any advice for other people who might be experiencing the same thing?

The drug - which is launched in the UK at the end of the year - is normally injected weekly into the arm (at a hospital) over a 12-week period.

By the end of that time patients will have started to notice their skin beginning to clear.

One of my guy friends approached me to inform me about a party he was having that weekend.

He had a friend with him whom I had never seen before, we made eye contact and gazed at each other for a few seconds.

I do think my psoriasis holds me back in dating but not any other aspect.

I guess in this day and age where everyone is striving for perfection you cant help but my self conscious about your biggest insecurity (especially when its on your face).

I do remember dating a guy in high school for a short period of time who broke up with me without ever telling me why.

That's tricky, because you may fear that telling the truth is a one-way ticket to rejection.

“The common question people ask is, will my condition be the deal-breaker? Chino, Ph D, a psychologist in private practice with Functional Pain Solutions in Tigard, Ore., and an assistant clinical professor of medicine at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland.

I am lucky to have always been surrounded by family and friends who supported me and didn’t make a fuss of my psoriasis.

It was actually them who encouraged me to be more confident in my skin and show it off!

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