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A rare 10-feet-long King Cobra was captured alive from a private farm near Mettupalayam in the district today, forest department officials said.

The owner of the farm, who noticed a snake waiting for its prey, informed Forest Department officials, who reached the spot along with snake catchers.

[No] change has occurred to the underlying regulations, nor has there been any formal communication from any of the agencies that are responsible for administering the ACA acknowledging or explaining this change.... indicated confusion over the change on the website and stated that their enrollment system is still not set up to provide a SEP to an individual in such circumstances." (Jackson Lewis P. May 18, 2017)] (HR Daily Advisor)Theft Was Gross Misconduct, But Inconsistencies May Make COBRA Ineligibility Less Clear"An employer argued that COBRA coverage was not provided due to a qualified beneficiary's gross misconduct.

C.)Employer Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Because of Vague Language in COBRA Notice"Roberto argued that [1] Cushman & Wakefield failed to include in the notice the specific date coverage will end, and [2] Roberto cannot determine whether this monthly coverage would end at the beginning or the end of the 18th month and whether it would end on the day that was exactly 18 months in the future. However, the former employee countered that the real reason behind his termination and the COBRA coverage denial was the high cost of his medical expenses....

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Sound Process and Good Recordkeeping Demonstrate Compliance with COBRA Notice Requirements"This decision serves as a reminder of the benefit to employers of having established procedures in place for providing notices required under COBRA and similar laws.... "If the individual is left enrolled as an active employee, fully-insured employers may risk violating the medical plan eligibility requirements in their insurance contract.

Japanese trading company Mitsui and BHP declined to comment, while Acciona, Brookfield, and Cobra, a subsidiary of Spain's ACS, did not respond to requests for comment.

Mining companies in copper powerhouse Chile have begun to look into reactivating investments in recent months on supply shortages and solid Chinese demand.

The notice stated that coverage may generally last for up to 18 months, and Cushman & Wakefield contended that the notice need not specify the day on which coverage ends. [T]he court denied a request to rule in the former employee's favor on a COBRA notice claim.... 16, 2017)] (Thomson Reuters / EBIA)[Guidance Overview] COBRA and Second Qualifying Events"If the initial qualifying event that triggers an individual's COBRA rights is terminating employment or reducing hours of employment, subsequent qualifying events may result in an extension of the maximum COBRA coverage period for certain qualified beneficiaries....

The court noted that Roberto stated a plausible claim because the regulation's inclusion of the phrase 'termination date' suggests that the employer must identify the day on which coverage ends." [Valdivieso v. Given that the gross misconduct determination is based on the facts and circumstances, plan administrators considering whether to deny COBRA coverage should follow certain steps before making a final determination." (HR Daily Advisor)Recordkeeping Evidence Leads Eleventh Circuit to Conclude That Former Employer Met COBRA Obligations"Evidence of routine processes by Bay Care and Benefits Concepts regarding the preparation and mailing of COBRA elections notices, and of how those processes were followed, along with a copy of De Bene's COBRA letter containing his premium amount and enrollment form were highlighted by the court as reasons for its decision. May 31, 2017; unpub.)] (Wolters Kluwer Law & Business)Undisputed Evidence of COBRA Notice Procedures Defeats Claim of Non-Receipt"The employer (in its role as health plan administrator) maintained that an election notice was timely sent, producing evidence that the employee was coded into the employer's database as 'COBRA-eligible,' that this information was transferred to the employer's [TPA], and that a notice was generated and printed within the required time period. Note that a covered employee is not a qualified beneficiary with respect to any 36-month qualifying event.

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Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation said that "cyber actors of the North Korean government," referred to in the report as "Hidden Cobra," had targeted the media, aerospace and financial sectors, as well as critical infrastructure, in the United States and globally. The alert warned that North Korea would continue to rely on cyber operations to advance its military and strategic objectives.

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