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Is Priyanka Chopra planning to serve as Meghan Markle’s bridesmaid during her wedding to Prince Harry?

That’s what a lot of people can’t help but wonder as Priyanka herself recently opened up about her friend Meghan and how she’s also looking forward to their royal wedding.

The Royal Copenhagen trademarks shown below were used on porcelain and fine china with blue under glazed decorations. Royal Copenhagen Christmas plates, figurines and some porcelain sets.

From 1775 the wavy lines were painted by hand, but in the 1870's Royal Copenhagen began to stamp and glaze the trademark.

The three waves are still part of the design just not shown on the picture for this purpose.During an interview with television talk show host Wendy Williams, Priyanka dished about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s romance.Even though they are yet to make an announcement, Priyanka says that it will only be matter of time before Harry and Meghan are engaged, because she’s never seen her friend happier in her life.Of course, if Priyanka Chopra does become Meghan Markle’s bridesmaid, that means more Hollywood stars will be expected to attend the wedding, making it a star-studded event.For Meghan though, that might not be good news because Queen Elizabeth is no fan of Hollywood.

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