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Earlier, Locke claimed that he believed the teenage girl was of legal age. In exchange for his plea on third degree criminal sexual misconduct, the prosecutor’s office agreed to dismiss two other counts, the Canton Observer reported.

Locke was bound over for trial in April on three counts of criminal sexual conduct after waiving his preliminary examination at 35th District Court in Plymouth.

She is particularly interested in teasing out how gender, race, class, disability, age, nationality and other markers of difference intersect with sexual hierarchies. Khan has written on a variety of topics, including BDSM, sex work, inter-cousin sexuality, “rapey” music, Canadian identity, feminist praxis and transgendered rights.

Her book, (2014), examines how regulation of consensual sadomasochism rests on problematic ideological claims that engage with psychiatry, anti-sm feminism and film.

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Domestic violence victims tend to have long-term relationships with their abusers.

According to the Michigan State Police, in every county in the region in 2013 the percentage of reported female victims was higher than the percentage of reported male victims.Locke, a Canton resident, posted bail on a 0,000 personal bond and was free leading up to the plea.(For more local news, click here to sign up for real-time news alerts and newsletters from Plymouth-Canton Patch, click here to find your local Michigan Patch.According to astrology, every person has a natal chart, a celestial map that records the positions of all the planets in relation to one another at the precise moment of their birth.These positions form a unique celestial energy that imprints on a person at birth and lasts for the rest of their life.

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