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John has extensive trial experience, negotiation and settlement skills, and mediation qualifications.He is in partnership with his wife, Gayle Miller Albritton.

In fact, depending on where your steak was cut on the loin you may actually be receiving a Porterhouse Steak, although we still call it a T-Bone.In this scheme, therefore, there are a total of six living units for guests spread between the Main House (three), the Annex (two) and the “Bhab Kutir”.Each of the living units has air-conditioning (except Bhab Kutir), attached bathrooms, and two wide beds (except for the Honeymoon Suite which has 3 beds, the Sushil room which has one bed, and the Bhab Kutir which has an extra-large bed and two single beds).Because there is a bone in this particular cut of beef, our chef must use a meat saw and pre-cut these steaks. Occasionally we have larger steaks - Please inquire - but we cannot cook steaks larger than 22 oz. STRIP New York strip, or sirloin is the larger section of meat from a T-Bone or Porterhouse Steak after the bone has been cut away.These 1/2" - 3/4" thick steaks run in sizes ranging from 12 - 24 oz. beyond MEDIUM temperature due to excess charring of the bone. While not as tender as a Delmonico (because of a lesser fat content) the strip is still preferred by many because of its flavor.

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Because we serve a boneless strip rather than the Kansas-City Style bone-in strip, we are able to cut this steak to your specification.

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