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So to cope, many of us act "too cool" — it seems better not to care.

Bad news is that it's very poorly rated and there isn't a whole lot entertaining or redeeming about it, though it does rank higher than Ralphie May’s The crowd seems to enjoy her and maybe she's your cup of coffee, but this show went down like decaf.

l know there are men to fall in love; who are dying to have all that cute sh*t happen; who want to plan cute dates and really give things a shot. At the same time, I also need to crack jokes about this bonkers dating experiment we've all agreed to, if I'm ever going to get there.

Like most people, when I began online dating, I wanted something magical to happen, before hitting the realization that it's a frustrating, lonely experience.

Dating is not what it used to be – and comedians have PLENTY of jokes that reflect the trials and tribulations that go along with this unconventional world of dating.

Kat Timpf (@Kat Timpf), Sophie Julia (@Sophie Julia), and Chris Manzo (@chris_manzo host of Foul Territory on FNTSY Sports Network) have seen it all when it comes to bad pick-up lines (online and in-person) and have been on even worse dates.

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