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See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.add-on for powers high performance Oracle Database applications. The API reference is in sections 2 - 7 and the user guide in subsequent sections. The node-oracledb API is a generic Oracle Database access layer.In the same way, with TOAD I was able to update the record with many mega bytes of text, via the clipboard.After further search, I learnt that the 32KB barrier was a SQL*Plus limitation on actual strings, but the patterns DROP TABLE tt_jonathan_table; CREATE GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE tt_jonathan_table ( ID NUMBER(10), pdlsuffix CLOB ) ON COMMIT PRESERVE ROWS; TRUNCATE TABLE tt_jonathan_table; DECLARE bigtext1 VARCHAR2 (32767); bigtext2 VARCHAR2 (32767); BEGIN bigtext1 := lpad('X', 32000, 'X') bigtext2 := lpad('Y', 32000, 'Y') INSERT INTO tt_jonathan_table VALUES (1, bigtext1); INSERT INTO tt_jonathan_table VALUES (2, bigtext2); INSERT INTO jonathan_table (id, my Clob Field) VALUES (jonathan_seq.For this post, I am not concerned about storing strings that are many mega or gigabytes long - I am more interested in strings that are generally a few thousand characters up to about 32kb in size.There are really two options if you need to store strings longer than 4000 characters.Up to and including Oracle 11g R2 the longest varchar2 that can be stored in the database is 4000 characters.

Oracle Developers are often faced with the problem to handle LOB data between several oracle instances via a database link.

Almost all the functionality described here is common across all current Oracle Databases.

However the documentation may describe some database features that are in specific Oracle Database versions, editions, or require additional database options or packs. There are more node-oracledb examples in the examples directory.

As you might have guessed from the title it has to do with NULL...

A requirement that comes up a lot is the need to store strings longer than 4000 characters in the database, and this presents a problem.

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