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This document, titled "Play Station 4 - How to Install System Updates from a USB key," is available under the Creative Commons license.Any copy, reuse, or modification of the content should be sufficiently credited to CCM (ccm.net).If you are experiencing instrument disconnects or are having a hard time drumming, it may be time to update your firmware.You only need the latest version, so if you've installed that, you are up-to-date.Sony showed off a preview of the next software update for the Play Station 4 today, which adds a long-awaited feature to the console: external hard drive support.While Xbox One owners have been able to do this for ages, the only way for owners to expand storage for a PS4 has been to replace the internal drive.

There’s support for external USB HDDs, which means regardless of how much internal storage you have on your PS4, you can add up to 8TB of additional space via external drives, ensuring you’ll never run out of room for games and saves.There’s more in the update, too, Play Station notes on its official blog, but for now these are the features it’s previewing.Plenty enough to get excited about, especially if you’re not a fan of having to delete games and re-download them from the cloud just to manage your available space.Content installed on the external drive will show up in the Play Station 4 software alongside anything on the internal drive.Also getting added in the update are a few more minute features, including custom wallpapers, more simplified notifications, and support to view 3D Blu-rays in virtual reality using a Play Station VR.

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The console will prompt you to update the device's system software if there's a new update out, but assuming you miss this prompt, then the following steps will explain how to do it manually. Click on 'Update Play Station VR Device Software', click 'Next', and finally 'Update'.

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