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the number of days per month are prescribed for every month. The only month of interest is February, whose number of days depend upon whether or not it is a leap year. the month must be in 1..12 (or 0..11, as appropriate) 3. @ Zinogg: thanks for catching what I have missed I can't believe that i skipped that part lol but yea it needs to be placed into 3 seperate variables @ duoas: thats a good example keep up the great work and @ OP I can't yet find a solution to this problem because the first program has errors so till i get that fixed we are sol ttul when i get it working on my system.

I was thinking of using Range Validator with Type="Date".This mask can demand that the user enter eight digits, but cannot verify that the user enters month, date, and year values in the correct range; "12/20/2003" and "70/90/0000" are equally valid as far as the mask is concerned.You can use to verify whether the data entered by the user falls within the correct range—in the previously mentioned case, by assigning it an instance of the Date Time type.The following example shows how you can do this for the mm/dd/yyyy format.We have also provided the javascript date validation for the dd/mm/yyyy format.

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