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Use it at work, however, and it means you’re dismissing someone’s idea — and that’s never a good idea. The store shelves are already stocked with school supplies and while your children may not be ready to go back to school just yet, the inevitable is coming.

For moms, by the time school starts again it is usually a welcomed return to routines and organized schedules.

Throughout the feature and the discussion we looked at the issues women are dealing with around when and whether to have children.

Rather than it being a foregone conclusion that all women want, can and will have children, young women today are asking whether they really want to have kids, whether this narrative they’ve been sold is actually what they want or what is expected of them and if they do want kids can they actually afford them.

Before you know it, you’ll be planning for the holidays.

How do you plan to get through the busy fall months?

Hosts Heta Fell and Chrystal Genesis were joined by renowned make-up artist Kay Montano and Dr Aisha Phoneix of SOAS.That is exactly what you can achieve with an opportunity to work from home running your very own home-based call center business. But working later in life is where many women find their calling, only by that time employers are looking for younger talent.Women are expected to crunch their achievements into a timetable that often lasts less than 20 years, Sally Koslow writes in The New York Times. “Women need to speak up about this issue, just as female hiring managers should think about hiring women the age of their mother.” “Whatever” is one of those resigned, I’ve-had-it-with-you words that works well if you’re in high school and your sibling or friend has just said something which bugs you.The petition currently holds 125,000 signatures in favour of default porn blocks being enforced by ISPs; an idea that’s been bandied about for quite some time now.Initially raised by Perry back in 2010 during a parliamentary debate, the idea has proved controversial, mainly due to concerns about it opening the door to further censorship, worries that it will block legitimate sites that have been marked as containing “porn”, and difficulties in defining exactly what “porn” is anyway.

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